Hello,my name is Jaroslav Kašpara and this my homepage ,you can here find some information about me,and in download section section some programs ,which i make.(with full source code) bubu

About me

Name: Jaroslav
Surname: Kašpara
Age: 32
ICQ: 66635129
Home town:Prague
My profile on lide.cz: http://profil.lide.cz/Jarda128/profil/(Czech page,but you can see there some picture of me}
Hobbies: programming,online games

Favorite music: Guns 'n Roses,Metallica,Nirvana,Nightwish,Velvet Revolver,Green Day,Blink 182,Offspring and other ...
Favorite movie : Pulp fiction,Reservoir dogs,Jackie Brown,Butterfly effect,Fakulta,Saw,Kill bill,Lord of the rings,Forest gump,
the Shawshank Redemption Green mile,Usual suspects and otheri
Favorite game:
Broken Sword 1-3.Indiana Jones 3-4,Leisure suit larry,Might & Magic 5-9,Realms of Arkania 1-3,
World of Warcraft,TES 1-4,
Favorite drink:Pepsi cola Twist

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